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is that we are no one. And no one has heard of our band. Therefore, the only important thing at this moment is that you are here now.

So, listen–because perhaps when you have, we just might become someone to you.

To answer your question, our band was
formed under rather unusual
circumstances. Stranger still is the
manner in which we managed to birth
our debut album–Listen–through our
collective creative uterus.

Anyway, we must confess that it took
the collective juices of all our
balls to reach this point; but now,
our reserves are dry and we are
shit-scared even as we cannot wait
any longer to get this music out
there. We will be ogled at and judged
by all–we accept it, but it's
terrifying all the same.

Just thought we'd share.

Thank you for reading and hope you
enjoy the music,
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